Manos Pervolarakis

Team Leader

Manos studied and graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Crete in 2018 and currently (2019) enrolled in a Master of Science programme of the Material Science and Technology Department of the same university. He did his erasmus+ trainership in Barcelona, Spain, and has been part of the youth exchange programme in Alonte, Italy (2017) "NCIS: New Countryside information Spreaders". Along with his studies he took part in two erasmus+ Intensive Course Programmes on Materials Science : the 4th and 6th ELBYSIER(Electronics Beyond Silicon Era) Programme series in Lisbon, Portugal and Chania, Greece respectively. All these erasmus experiences made him interested in volunteering, first regarding his passion for science, where he joined a science communication volunteering group (Science Behind) which wishes to improve the scientific literacy of the everyday greek people by writing and editing articles on the science behind site explaining everday phenomena and by organising events. After the youth exchange he wanted to share his experience and help other people do the same so he joined the volunteering Be-Part and later became the co-leader of Youthtopia which aims to activate the local youth, introduce them to the world of erasmus and organise local events. In his spare time he enjoys reading books, playing the guitar and practicing photography