Kateriniovi Triantafyllaki

Project Coordinator

Kateriniovi is a curious human astronomer with a passion for people, books, traveling and galaxies. She is an active member of the Students’ Astronomy Group since the beginning of her studies, organising events promoting astronomy and explaining difficult things to kids in a simple way, which is something that prompted her to become a writer in “Science Behind”, a site that evolves around this both in articles and organising science events. Her love for science made her take part in the International Physicist Tournament in Paris 2016 and in applying for internships both in Skinakas Observatory (2018) and through Erasmus+ in Jagiellonian University (2019) . In 2015, she was a participant in a basic synergy training “Empowering the Youth” through Brno Connected in Czech Republicand in 2016 a team member in the basic synergy “Changemakers” in Hungary through Egyesek. In October 2018 she joined again the Brno Connected team for the Youth Exchange “Dare to be you” where she discovered how much she adores helping people discovering things and how inspirational she found working as a trainer and working through non-formal education and soft skills. Coming back to Heraklion she found the opportunity to work on these skills through Youthtopia as project coordinator. She is currently on the way to become a trainer and finishing her degree in astrophysics.