Our very first project – “LEAD ON”

Our very first project “LEAD ON” ended a month ago in Orthodox Academy of Crete – Ορθόδοξος Ακαδημία Κρήτης , funded by Erasmus+ . We also need to thank the Αστρονομική Ομάδα Φοιτητών Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης and especially Ερρίκος Παπαθεοδώρουfor all their contribution and support!

Participants say: “Concerning my expectations, during the program I had the opportunity to discover some of the patterns that serve me and some of those that do not, I also had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone various times and recognize the impact I have on other people’s lives” “I can say that all the emotions I felt, bad and good ones, disappointment and happiness, at the end, they took one road.

The one of the excitement of being part of a wonderful opportunity to grow up, to discover this world. I still can’t evaluate well what I felt,but I’m glad I had this experience in my life.” “This project was more than I expected. It was very intensive and I learned many things about myself. I will recommend this project to everyone who is prepared for this self development transformation” “I learned how to show more empathy to people, and how to give more space to others while having my own boundaries into consideration. I learned how to take more initiatives and how to support others in a way that is motivating and beneficial for them as well as for me.

I also learned how to speak my mind while respecting others’ boundaries and beliefs. I learned that a leader exists to create a safe space for everyone in a group and not a space where (s)he can easily be authoritative and bossy.” “My biggest learning about leadership was that leaders involve people in their processes and create something together with the group, rather than excluding people and trying to force their own ideas without listening to the circe of people around them.” “I learned to be my own leader -to extend my comfort zone, to be fully accountable in my life situations and to cooperate and ask/receive support.” “Leadership starts from acknowledging personal power and offer it to the group. Leader is not a dictator. Leadership doesn’t lay on one person only.” Here are some moments of the training:)

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