Our experience from Training Course “Path to Understanding”, Czech Republic, 18/3 – 27/3 2022

          In March, Youthtopia sent one participant to Czech Republic in order to be part of the training course for youth workers called “Path to Understanding”. This eight-day long international training course was about the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and it involved a diverse group of youth workers from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Poland, Spain and Hungary. The project was organized by the non-governmental organization NVC Brno, thanks to the funding of the European Commission program Erasmus+.

The participants developed their understanding of basic principles of NVC, in their own capacity of self-connection, empathy towards others, identifying feelings and needs and other competencies that will support them in their work with youth. The training was designed in an interactive and experiential way, aiming on offering a lot of practice in various contexts and settings. There were used practices, such as discussions, role plays, home groups, journaling etc.

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