Υouth Catalyst 2.0 was a training for trainers that took place in Loutí, Czech Republic on 29.10-7.11.21.
The project is funded through Erasmus+ programme.
TRAINERS: Katka Martínková,
Arianna Impinna

Thanks to Erasmus+, Lydia, Christina and Amelia had the chance to travel from Greece to Czech Republic in late
October 2021 and participate at this fruitful training for trainers together with other 26 participants from 7 different countries. Eight intensive and educative days full of experiential learning, fun, good food yet food for thought are
some hints of our journey. Sounds great isn’t it? Check out the text below and read few words from each Greek participant and stay tuned for more opportunities as such in the future in case you are willing to live an unforgettable

Lydia 💛
It was a unique experience. It was my first training course and it was very constructive. I learned things like giving feedback properly and how much it will help me receive feedback, what learning style I belong to and I developed my leadership skills. I improved training skills with all these examples we did and I learned to cultivate a deeper relationship with the needs of others using the NAOMIE method.

Amelia 💛
As a youth worker and a non-formal education enthusiast, this course has provided to me useful
tools, methods, cultural exchange and collaboration with other 26 participants from 7 different
countries. We learnt how to design and deliver non formal education and experiential learning
programmes, the trainer roles, competences, ethics and styles, including clarifying our own trainer
style. It was a good opportunity for me to grow through the sharing circles and by conducting a
workshop, working in groups and co create something meaningful. This community learning
space was challenging yet exciting and a good practice for our confidence skills within a safe
learning environment. The fact that we were accommodated in a beautiful Ecocentre in the
countryside and we were enjoying vegan delicious meals also contributed to my positive
experience. I’ve also discovered the importance of reflection upon each step, being close to the
nature and hold outdoor sessions, my learning style and how to integrate all different learning
styles when holding a workshop. Hence, I was given inspiration, motivation and practical skills to
achieve future goals. Last but not least, we co-created a Trainer toolbox with the other participants
that will become an open source material of tools usable in non-formal education. For all the above, I feel grateful for this experience and I totally recommend it. Overall I’m happy with my decision to participate and especially after this long “Covid Break” it was all I needed to recharge and get engaged in the field/

Cristina 💛
Youth Catalyst 2.0 was my first Erasmus+ programme and I never thought it would be so special
to me. From the very first time when Ι saw the topic of this project I was really interested to be
part of it and learn more from the trainers and the participants. During this 8-days programme we
had the opportunity to learn how to design and deliver quality non-formal educational and
experiential learning programmes and also find our trainer styles, our values and strengths as
trainers. I am grateful to all these people who worked really hard for this project.

Aaand Don’t forget Sky is the limit!
Follow your dreams and BE the change you want to see in this world!

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